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Golf netting
310m long permanent Netting Structure
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Hurling & Football Netting
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Sports Netting
As sole specialist suppliers of high netting for sports in Ireland, we provide and erect netting systems throughout the country for a variety of sports including:

:: GAA Football & Hurling
:: Golf
:: Rugby
:: Soccer
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Our netting systems are erected behind the goal posts and along the perimeter of the pitches or playing areas.
Netting does not hinder viewing of play.

The netting, retractable or fixed, can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

Supporting masts may be either wooden or galvanised steel.
Wooden poles are available in Silver, Brown stain or Forest green finish.

Retracting systems may be operated either manually or electrically.

Advantages of high netting:
:: Protects adjoining property from damage
:: Protects passing motorists & pedestrians from injury
:: Protects spectators from injury
:: Promotes good relationships with neighbours
:: Avoids potential insurance claims
:: Avoids loss of time retrieving balls
:: Prevents balls being lost

In addition to high netting we also supply goal netting.